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save nature! use recycled polyethylene and paper!

polietilēna maisiņi

Universal retail solution for shopping centers, superstores, shops and companies as representative packaging of goods

polietilēna maisiņi

Rectangular or squared shape die-cut handle bag with the superb quality full-color print.

iepakojums - polietilēna maisiņi

Very durable and stylish rectangular or square shape bag with different loop handles. Superb quality of full-color printing on the whole surface of a bag.

iepakojums - polietilēna maisiņi

Courier goods envelopes – perfect for sending goods such as clothing, catalogues, books, etc. They are very popular among online stores that use these envelopes for the delivery of goods by mail.

Iepakojums Papira maisiņi

It’s modern, convenient and, most importantly, environmentally friendly solution! Paper bags are made of white, brown or recycled kraft paper. Handles are made of twisted or flat paper.

E-com paper bag – ecological solution for e-commerce. Available in a variety of sizes and materials. Packaging to deliver small to medium items by courier.

papīra maisiņi

Exclusive paper bags are used both as premium product and food packaging and as brand advertising. Embossing, foil printing (different colors), cutting, screen printing, UV varnish, installation of metal rings is possible.

iepakojums - papīra maisiņi

Folder paper bag is a universal packaging for retailers in grocery especially for bakeries, patisseries. It is good alternative for plastic bags. It is an esthetic packaging made of thin eco-friendly paper.

iepakojums - kudras un meslojuma

Bags are made of polyethylene film consisting of several layers. The inner layer, usually black, provides protection from light exposure and various unwanted microorganisms in the peat. The outer white layer does not attract sunlight, so peat or fertilizers retain their best properties.

iepakojums - granulu un brikesu maisi

Pellet bags are designed for packaging pellets and briquettes. We have developed and tested a special film formula that ensures an optimal ratio betwee thickness and load capacity

iepakojums-malkas maisi

Firewood bags are designed for transportation and storage of kiln dried logs and kindling. We have developed and tested the formulas of various films for these bags

12-Auto riepu maisi

Tyre plastic bag – necessary for every car user. When we swap tyres – we realise a need for practical and affordable solution.

13-OPP, CPP-maisi

OPP, CPP-bags– are made of polypropylene film. It gives excellent moisture barrier, high clarity and good tear strength. Its versatility makes it easy to use on many different types of packing machinery.

iepakojums-polietilene pleves

Polyethylene film – universal packaging material for storing and transporting food, trade, chemical and other goods.


Nonwoven fabrics are one of the fastest growing sectors of the textile industry in the world. They are strong, cheap, and easy to process, and during their production they emit less greenhouse gases than woven fabric.

Iepakojums-Kartona kastes

Gift boxes are a stylish and elegant way to package gifts and premium products. They are often used in successful marketing campaigns because they are a powerful tool for communication and provide numerous branding opportunities. They are made of thick paper with many possible extra options for added promotional value.








19 Years



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  • In the order list we agree on the packaging:
    type, size, material, print, quantity and price
  • 50% prepayment
  • Afterpayment for regular customers

Creating design:

  • You send us print file (in .pdf or illustrator format) with the desired design or company logo
  • We create a bag design layout for free
  • You confirm the layout

  • The packaging is made in accordance with EU standards.
  • Polyethylene and paper bags are printed with FLEXO printing method.
  • Lux paper bags are printed with Off-set or Digital Printing Method.
  • Luxury paper bag production is handmade.
  • Production time is individual for each order
  • We deliver accross Latvia and to all EU countries
  • Delivery in Riga is free of charge
  • We notice about delivery in advance