Car tyre bags

We manufacture, sell and supply polyethylene, polypropylene and paper packaging.

Car tyre bags

Tyre plastic bag – necessary for every car user. When we swap tyres – we realise a need for practical and affordable solution.

Tyres packed in a plastic bag will not leave any stains on your clothing or car when replacing, transporting or safely storing till next season.

Tyre plastic bags are more handy than cloth ones as they are easy to recycle. No need to clean or wash.

Polyethylene bags are made using  low density polyethylene or high density polyethylene.

Most popular sizes of tyre plastic bags:

  • HDPE600/200х1100, 12-18mk
  • LDPE600/200×1100, 12-18mk

Side folds from 150 to 200 mm., lenghts 1100 mm., width 600 mm., thickness 12-18 mkr.

Tyre plastic bags can be produced of different density, size, color, with customized print.