handle bags

  • material: LDPE and/or HDPE;
  • width – from 150 to 700 mm;
  • height – from 200 to 800 mm;
  • thickness – from 20 to 120 microns;
  • fixing the handle with a double layer or gluing an additional insert;
  • 8-tone flexographic print;
  • load capacity – standard to 5 kg, with reinforced handles to 15 kg.;
  • hydroxy-biodegradable additive can be added.


Polythylene die-cut handle bag – rectangular or squared shape die-cut handle bag with the superb quality full-color print.

An image bag that is widely used as a packaging for individual use branded goods with Client’s advertising on it (fashion apparel and shoe designers, perfumery, jewelry, electrical goods, e.c. shops).

Also used as promotional tool for a packaging marketing materials and gift sets at exhibitions, advertising compaigns, various activities, presentations and conferences.

We produce bags with Client’s logo, brand and trademark, as well as standartised bags.

Die-cut handle bag with Client’s brand:

  • indirect advertising and marketing method;
  • positively enhance business popularity;
  • stabilise and expand customer base.




What we do –retail bags, shopping bags and merchandise bags, polyethylene food packaging, household and production packaging

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