Pellet and briquette bags

We manufacture, sell and supply polyethylene, polypropylene and paper packaging.

Pellet and briquette bags

Pellet bags are designed for packaging pellets and briquettes. We have developed and tested a special film formula that ensures an optimal ratio betwee  thickness and load capacity. The film formula ensures that the bags of goods do not slip with each other during stacking on pallets and transportation.

Air circulation is provided by special holes.

We offer pellet bags with or without flexographic printing.

iepakojums - granulu un brikesu maisi


  • for packing kiln dried logs and kindling;
  • protect from the influence of the external environment;
  • reflect information about the composition, purpose, date of production, terms and conditions, storage of goods
  • Bag specification

    • Material: LDPE/HDPE/RECYCLED
    • Color: determined by the customer
    • Bag thickness: 35-200 mkr
    • Bag width, mm: 350-600
    • Bag height, mm: 300-700