mailer bag

Poly mailer bag with resealable closure:

  • white material, black inside;
  • resealable closure to protect;
  • thickness from 50 mkr. to 120 mkr.;
  • poly mailer bag with a document pocket;
  • 8-tone flexographic print.


Poly mailer bag – three layer durable polyethylene with resealable closure. Both side print availability. Customized packaging design with stylish outlook. Cost-effective e-commerce packaging and shipping solution. The contents of the package is protected against unauthorised access.


What we do –retail bags, shopping bags and merchandise bags, polyethylene food packaging, household and production packaging

Our success for more than 11 years

Sustainable business partner record

Full-color 8-tone flexographic print

Customised design

Deferral of payment arrangements

Food packaging complies with all requirements

Superior quality

We are developing and working continuously to expand our range of products.

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